Article IX. Economic Development Program

Section 2-35. Establishment.

The Town of Easton shall have an Economic Development Program for the purpose of:

(1) encouraging sound and balanced economic growth;

(2) attracting and retaining businesses, including, but not limited to, small, minority, and/or disadvantaged enterprises;

(3) promoting the creation and retention of jobs in the Town;

(4) expanding the commercial and industrial tax base of the Town of Easton;

(5) applying for and administering grants and loans related to the economic vitality of the Town and assisting with various tax credit and loan programs offered by Federal, State, and County governments as these programs relate to the economic vitality of the Town;

(6) identifying areas of the Town in need of economic revitalization and assisting with plans for needed revitalization;

(7) assisting existing businesses and prospective businesses in identifying sources of financing and professional and technical services; and (8) providing technical assistance, education, and information to the business community and its recognized associations.

Section 2-36. Administration.

The Economic Development Program shall be administered

(1) by the Town through the employment of an Economic Development Coordinator appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Town Council or;

(2) at the discretion of the Mayor and Town Council, by a nonprofit economic organization organized for the purpose of implementing the Economic Development Program for the Town of Easton.