Article X. Elections

Section 2-36. Voting places.

It shall be the duty of the Supervisor of Elections to provide for each Town election a suitable place or places for voting. The Supervisor of Elections shall supply suitable voting machines and all necessary equipment for use in the regular or special Town elections, and the expenses thereof shall be paid for by the Town. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-37. Notice of elections.

The Supervisor of Elections shall, at least 25 days before any regular or special election, unless otherwise provided, give notice to the voters of the Town, in one or more newspapers published in the Town of Easton, of the day and hours and the place or places of holding such election, and such other information as may be necessary or advisable to enable the voters to intelligently cast their ballots. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-38. Ballots - Requirements generally.

After the time has expired for presenting nomination petitions, the Supervisor of Elections shall prepare the official ballots and shall cause to be printed thereon the names in alphabetical order of the nominees for the respective offices to be filled, and he or she shall cause the names of the candidates for the same office to be grouped together. No party or designation of any candidate shall be printed or otherwise indicated upon the ballot. Whenever there is any question submitted to the voters for their decision, the question shall be placed upon the ballot in full, and immediately below the question there shall appear, in the following order, the words "yes" and "no" and to the left of each a square in which the voter may cast his or her vote. Ballots other than those created by and printed at the direction of the Supervisor of Elections shall not be cast or counted in any election. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-39. Posting of sample ballot.

At least four days before any election, the Supervisor of Elections shall conspicuously and securely post accurate sample copies of the ballots to be used in the approaching election in one or more public places. One sample ballot shall be placed upon the exterior of the building or buildings in which polls will be held, so that the same can be readily seen and examined by pedestrians passing on the street on which the polling place is located. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-40. Posting of sample ballots - mistakes and challenges.

A correct list of the names of the candidates as they are to appear on the ballot shall be furnished on demand by the Supervisor of Elections to the candidates or their authorized agents. If any mistakes are discovered, it shall be the duty of the Supervisor of Elections to correct the same without delay, and if the Supervisor of Elections shall decline or refuse to make the correction, then upon the sworn petition of any qualified voter who would have the right to vote for such candidate at the approaching election, the Circuit Court for Talbot County may, by order, require said Supervisor of Elections to correct such error or to show cause why such error should not be corrected. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-41. Opening and closing hours of polls.

For all Town elections, the polls shall remain open from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. on the same day. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-42. Voting procedure.

All voting in the Town of Easton, other than by absentee ballot, shall be performed on voting machines, and the applicable Maryland State law shall govern the voting procedure with regard to the use of these machines in all elections in the Town of Easton. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-43. Electioneering and loitering near polls prohibited.

There shall be no canvassing or electioneering in said polling place or places or within one hundred feet of the same, nor shall anyone linger, be, or remain within said distance of one hundred feet of the polls except election officials and peace officers, unless it be in approaching the polls to vote, or in passing along the streets in the usual and orderly manner of travel. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-44. Bribery of voters prohibited.

Any person who shall bribe or attempt to bribe, coerce, or intimidate any voter to vote or not to vote for or against any person or proposition, or to vote or not to vote at any election, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-45. Poll Watchers - Selection.

Each candidate for elective office may select two (2) persons, both of whom shall be qualified voters of the Town, to serve as Poll Watchers, and each candidate shall submit to the Supervisor of Elections a list of Poll Watchers at least three (3) days prior to the election. The Poll Watchers shall not be employees of the Town of Easton, and shall serve without compensation. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-46. Duties of Poll Watchers.

Each Poll Watcher shall have the right to observe every aspect of the conduct of an election. Each Poll Watcher shall be assigned a position at the polling place near the Supervisor of Elections or any assistants to the Supervisor of Elections, inside the registration or polling area so as to enable him or her to see each person as he or she offers to register or vote. The Poll Watchers shall witness the canvass, including absentee ballots, or the ascertainment and transcription of voters recorded on voting machines. Poll Watchers shall have the right to enter the polling place one-half hour before the opening of the polls. It shall be unlawful for any Poll Watcher to inquire or attempt to ascertain for which candidate any voter intends to vote, or has voted, or to converse in the polling place with any voter or to assist any voter in the preparation of a ballot or in the operation of the voting machine. Any Poll Watcher who violates the restrictions set forth herein may be lawfully ejected by the Supervisor of Elections, and is subject to penalties provided for in this article. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-47. Absentee ballot provisions.

Any qualified voter of the Town of Easton may vote by absentee ballot rather than in person.  The procedure for absentee balloting in the Town of Easton shall be that procedure described for absentee voting in the state election code, except as follows:    

  1. The instructions for the casting of absentee ballots shall be prescribed by the Supervisor of Elections.  
  2. The Supervisor of Elections shall prescribe the size, form, and content of the absentee ballot, material envelopes, providing for a covering envelope, a ballot envelope, and a return envelope.   
  3. Absentee ballots shall be counted, certified, and canvassed in accordance with the provisions of this article. 
  4. An application for an absentee ballot shall be submitted to the Town Clerk no later than the Tuesday preceding the election.
  5. Completed absentee ballots must be received by the Town by mail or in person by 8:00 p.m. on election day in order to be counted.  

(Ordinance 758 effective 4/4/21)

(Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-48. Election results - Counting of votes and certification.

As soon as the polls have closed following any Town election, the Supervisor of Elections, in the presence of poll watchers, if any, and of the Board of Canvassers, shall proceed to ascertain and transcribe the votes recorded on each voting machine, and shall certify the same to the Board of Canvassers at or before 4:00 PM on the Wednesday next following the election. Not earlier than 4:00 P.M. on that same day, the Board of Canvassers, in the presence of poll watchers, if any, shall proceed to count, certify, and canvass the absentee ballots cast in the election. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-49. Election results - Issuance of election certificates.

The Board of Canvassers shall issue a certificate of election to each official elected, and issue two certificates, one to the Mayor and one to the Council, whenever any proposition is submitted to the vote of the people, showing the vote for and against, which certificate shall be on blanks prepared by the Town Clerk, and shall contain a plain statement of the facts and be signed by a majority of said Board of Canvassers. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-50. Preservation of ballots after election.

All ballots used in any Town election shall be preserved by the Town Manager or Town Clerk for at least six months after the election. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-51. Violations.

Any person who is convicted of violating a provision of this Article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) and/or imprisonment for six (6) months. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)

Section 2-52. Interpretation - Further authority of Town Council.

The provisions of this article shall be interpreted to encourage the registration of voters in the Town, and the participation by the citizens of the Town in the electoral processes of the Town. The Town Council is hereby authorized to enact such ordinances to provide for additional public notice regarding the times, places, and dates of election or to make such further provisions as the Town Council deems appropriate in order to fulfill the purposes of this Article. (Ordinance 615 effective 11/20/2012)