Chapter 8 Filling Stations

Section 8-1. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise indicates:

"Motor fuel" shall mean a light distillate of petroleum or allied substance with suitable volatility and other characteristics to be used as fuel for operating internal combustion engines whether or not it is mixed with other materials, or any other product or liquid when sold for use as a fuel in any type of internal combustion engine furnishing power to operate a vehicle.

"Retail dealer" shall mean any person operating a service station, filling station, store, garage or other place of business for the retail sale of motor fuel or the sale of or dispensing of motor fuel for delivery into the service tank of any motor vehicle which is propelled by an internal combustion motor other than such a motor vehicle belonging to the person owning or operating such place of business. (1967 Code by Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 8-2. Pumps at curb.

The issuance of any permit or license for the erection of any gasoline pump on or along the curb or sidewalk of any public street or highway within the town is hereby prohibited. (Ordinance 10 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 8-3. Dispensing gasoline between curb lines prohibited.

The placing of gasoline or other petroleum products in any motor vehicle, or the servicing of the same while said vehicle is standing or parked between the curb lines of any public street or highway within the town is unlawful, and it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation, to sell any gasoline or petroleum products in such manner that said gasoline or petroleum products are placed in such motor vehicle while it is so located. (Ordinance 10 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 8-4. Installation and operation.

The installation and operation of gasoline filling stations shall conform in all respects to chapter 9 of this Code relating to fire prevention. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 8-5. Shutting off motors during fueling.

The motor of any vehicle shall be shut off during fueling operations at any filling station. "Stop Your Motor" signs shall be placed in plain view. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 8-6. Smoking.

There shall be no smoking in areas where gasoline is dispensed in filling stations. Suitable "NO SMOKING" signs shall be displayed in filling stations. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 8-7. Attendants required.

Attendants in a number sufficient to preserve the public safety shall always be present at a filling station when motor fuel is dispensed. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 8-8. Display of prices.

(a) Every retail dealer in motor vehicle fuel shall publicly display and maintain on each pump or other dispensing device, from which motor fuel is sold by him, at least one sign stating the price per gallon of the motor fuel, the state and federal taxes, and the total price. All figures, including fractions, upon such signs, other than figures and fractions used in any price computing mechanism constituting a part of any such pump or dispensing device, shall be of the same size.

(b) No signs relating to the price of motor fuel or other products sold by any retail dealer shall be posted or displayed on or about the premises which shall violate any provision of this Code or other ordinance of the town or law of the state or which shall constitute a traffic or driving hazard, or which shall mislead the public, or in any way tend to constitute a fraud upon the public.

(c) In lieu of such sign as described in subsection (a), the total selling price to be paid for motor vehicle fuel shall show and be displayed on a quantity computing device or calculator attached, to the pump from which such gasoline is sold or offered for sale.

(Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 8-9. Display of brand names or trademarks.

All above ground equipment for storing or dispensing motor fuel operated by a retail dealer shall bear in a conspicuous place the brand name or trademark of the manufacturer or distributor of the product stored therein or dispensed therefrom. If the motor fuel stored in or sold or dispensed from above ground equipment by a retail dealer has no brand name or trademark, such container or dispensing equipment shall have conspicuously displayed thereon the words "NO BRAND", or retail dealer's own brand or trade name. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)