Article I. Introduction


The purpose of these Regulations is to regulate and control the division of land within the corporate limits of the Town of Easton, in order to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the citizens of the Town of Easton.


It is the general intent of these Regulations to regulate the division of a land as to:

  1. Assure sites suitable for building purposes and human habitation, and to provide for the harmonious development of the Town of Easton in accordance with the Comprehensive Development Plan and the Zoning Ordinance;
  2. Coordinate streets within the subdivisions with other existing, planned, or recorded streets or with any street plan adopted or approved by the Town of Easton;
  3. Insure adequate open space for recreation, light and air;
  4. Further the orderly and appropriate development of land with a variety of design concepts;
  5. Regulate the flow of traffic;
  6. Facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public facilities;
  7. Establish minimum standards, and to provide for the necessary administrative procedures to implement these regulations;
  8. Insure proper legal descriptions and monumenting of subdivided land and to aid Town and County officials in securing adequate records of land title.


The provisions of these Regulations shall be held to be minimum requirements to meet the stated purpose and intent of these Regulations. Whenever the Regulations are at variance with the requirements of any other laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, deed restrictions, or covenants, the most restrictive or that imposing the higher standards, shall govern.