Article V. Design Requirements


All subdivisions submitted to the Easton Planning and Zoning Commission for approval shall comply with and will be reviewed against the design elements, policies, and standards as described in the Easton Comprehensive Plan, the following requirements of this Article, and any Design Guidelines that may be adopted by the Town of Easton.

The Planning Commission shall not approve any subdivision found to be not in compliance with the design standards specified herein, unless the standards provide for some measure of relief and said relief is satisfied.


    1. The maximum block length shall be 600 feet. The maximum block length may be increased by the Planning Commission upon a specific determination by the Commission that a longer block is desirable for a specific reason, such as topographic or physiographic characteristics of the land, to accommodate a specific design theme acceptable to the Commission but precluded by shorter blocks, etc.
    2. Lot sizes within blocks shall be mixed to accommodate a variety of house types and sizes.
    1. Alleys are encouraged as the primary means of access to garages and for services such as trash pick-up.
    2. A minimum of 60% of the lots created in a major subdivision shall be accessed via an alley. At the discretion of the Planning Commission, this requirement may be waived for subdivisions that propose too few lots to warrant the use of alleys.
    3. Alley right-of-way and pavement width shall be as specified in Section702.5 of these Regulations.
    1. No protected area or its associated buffer shall be located on any building lot. Such areas shall include, without limitation, nontidalwetlands and their associated buffer, Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Buffers, and Forest Conservation Protection Areas.
    2. Landscaping Buffers adjacent to public streets shall be located outside building lots and shall be maintained by a Homeowner’s Association or another means acceptable to the Town Engineer.
    3. Stormwater Management Ponds shall be designed as a site amenity.