Article VI. Required Improvements


  1. The purpose of this article is to establish and define the community improvements which will be required to be guaranteed or constructed by the applicant prior to final plat approval.
  2. All construction shall be completed in accordance with specific conditions of the commitment and approved plans and specifications (the improvement plans), and in the manner acceptable to the Town Engineer and the Easton Utilities Commission.
  3. All proposed construction shall be coordinated in design and in construction scheduling with the existing improvements and the requirements or activities of other agencies.
  4. All on-site infrastructure construction such as roadway and utility work shall be performed by The Town of Easton or a contractor that has been pre-approved by the Town Engineer.


  1. The following improvements shall be designed and constructed by the developer in accordance with the standards and service tariffs of the Town of Easton and the Easton Utilities Commission and the approved plans and specifications:
    1. Streets and alleys
    2. Curb and gutter
    3. Sidewalks
    4. Storm water drainage and management systems
    5. Sanitary sewerage system
    6. Water supply system
    7. Landscaping/Screening (in accordance with Landscaping requirements found in of the Town of Easton Zoning Ordinance)
    8. Community Parks
  2. The following improvements will be provided for by the developer in accordance with the regulations, standards and service tariffs of the Easton Utilities Commission, the Telephone Company, and any other utility companies serving the subdivision, and the approved plans and specifications:
    1. Gas service
    2. Electric service
    3. Telephone service
    4. Cable service
    5. Street lighting
  3. Plans for the required improvements shall be prepared, submitted, revised, and approved in accordance with procedures and requirements established by Easton Utilities and the Town Engineer.
  4. Final grades for entire development including building lots and park areas must be shown.
  5. Off-site utility design and construction process shall be as follows:
    1. Utilities shall be designed to the site in Accordance with The STANDARD DETAILS FOR PUBLIC WORKS AND UTILITIES CONSTRUCTION IN THE TOWN OF EASTON and Easton Utilities Service Tariffs.
    2. Upon design completion and approval, Easton Utilities shall publicly bid the construction drawings and with the developers consent, shall award the bid in accordance with the bid procedures of Easton Utilities and the Town of Easton. The contract shall be between Easton Utilities and the contractor. The engineering, inspection, management fees and construction costs shall be borne entirely by the developer.


All improvements shall be inspected by the Town Engineer or appropriate agencies for compliance with approved plans, prior to final acceptance.


The developer shall be required to repair damage to roads or streets, storm drainage systems, curb and gutter, sidewalks, utilities, survey markers, and any other required improvements as a result of grading or construction activities by the developer in the subdivision.