Article I. In General

Section 9-1. Intent of chapter; standards.

The intent of this chapter is to safeguard and restrict the storage, handling and use of dangerous and hazardous materials to a reasonable degree with respect to injury to persons and destruction of property. Installation, construction and safeguards shall be provided in a standard modern and approved manner. Compliance with the Standards of the American Insurance Association (1956 Edition), shall be prima facie evidence of such approved manner. The town clerk shall maintain a public file of the Standards of the American Insurance Association (1956 Edition), which shall be deemed as requirements to this chapter only insofar as they can be applied to each particular installation for which a permit is required. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 9-2. "Approved" defined.

"Approved" when applied to materials, types of construction and appliances, means acceptable to the building inspector by reason of having been tested and examined by him or by some recognized testing laboratory and found to be properly safeguarded against fire hazard. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 9-3. Authority to enter premises.

The chief of the fire department or any member of the fire department designated by him as an inspector may at all reasonable times enter any building or premises for the purpose of making any inspection which under the provisions of this chapter he or they may deem necessary to be made. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-4. Inspection of premises.

It shall be the duty of the chief of the fire department to inspect or cause to be inspected by fire department officers or members, as often as may be necessary, but not less than twice a year, all buildings, premises and thoroughfares, for the purpose of ascertaining and causing to be corrected any conditions liable to cause fire, or any violations of the provisions or intent of any ordinance affecting the fire hazard. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-5. Power of inspector to order fire hazards removed or remedied.

Whenever any officer or member of the fire department shall find in any building or upon any premises or other place, combustible or explosive matter or dangerous accumulation of rubbish or unnecessary accumulation of waste paper, boxes, shavings or any highly flammable materials, which is so situated as to endanger lives or property, or whenever he shall find obstructions to or on fire escapes, stairs, passageways, doors or windows, liable to interfere with the operation of the fire department or egress of occupants in case of fire, he shall order the same to be removed or remedied. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-6. Compliance with order; appeal.

Such order as provided in section 9-5 shall forthwith be complied with the owner or occupant of such premises or buildings, subject to appeal within twenty-four hours to the fire board, whose decision shall be final. Any owner or occupant failing to comply with such order within ten days after said appeal shall have been determined, or if no appeal is taken, then within ten days after the service of the said order, shall be liable to a penalty provided in this Code. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-7. Fire records.

The chief of the fire department shall keep a record of all fires and of all facts concerning the same, including statistics as to the extent of such fires and damage caused thereby. Such record shall be made daily from the reports made by the inspectors under the provisions of this chapter. All such records shall be public. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)

Section 9-8. Taking fire apparatus beyond town limits

None of the fire fighting equipment belonging to the town shall be removed from within the legal boundaries of the town for any purpose other than for fires in places having a standard water system for fighting fires, without specific permission having been granted to the fire chief or to the first assistant chief by the mayor or the acting mayor, or by two members of the fire board; provided, however, that in every case there shall be left at all times within the corporate limits at least two motorized pumpers. (Ordinance 4 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-9. Speeding limitations - Suspension; appeal.

It shall be unlawful to drive any fire fighting equipment on any of the streets of the town in a reckless manner or at a rate of speed in excess of that rate prescribed by State law for emergency vehicles. Drivers operating fire fighting equipment belonging to the town are subject to suspension of the right of such operation, if after having been given the opportunity of a hearing before the fire board, said board shall decide by majority vote that the driver so heard is guilty of such violation. Any driver so suspended shall have the right of appeal to the council, whose decision shall be final. (Ordinance 4 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-10. Resisting or impeding firemen prohibited.

The fire department shall have the management of all fires and no person shall resist, impede, obstruct or interfere with the movement of the chief of the fire department or his assistants or any firemen in the execution of their duty, and no person shall refuse to obey any order lawfully given by any officer of the fire department at any fire. (Ordinance 519 aka E-34, effective 5/7/1967)