Article V. Flammable liquids.

Section 9-30. Hazardous heating and lighting appliances.

The chief of the fire department may prohibit the sale or use of any heating or lighting appliance using flammable liquids, which has not been tested by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., or some other competent authority, and found to be properly safeguarded against fire hazard. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-31. Restrictions on storage and use.

The chief of the fire department shall prohibit, except as may otherwise specifically be provided herein, the storage or use of any flammable and/or explosive liquid, material or substance whenever, in his opinion, the storage or use of same shall constitute or create a menace, actual or potential, to the safety of the lives or property of the citizens of the town. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-32. Appeal

Appeal from any decision of the chief of the fire department in connection with this article may be made to the fire board. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-33. Extinguishers required.

Where flammable liquids are kept, used or handled, a quantity of loose non-combustible absorbents, such as dry sand or ashes, together with pails or scoops, and chemical extinguishers or other extinguishing devices or material shall be provided in such kind or quantities as may be directed by the chief of the fire department. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 9-34. Smoking prohibited.

Smoking or the carrying of matches or other smoking material in rooms where flammable liquids are handled is prohibited. Suitable "NO SMOKING" signs shall be displayed. (Ordinance 5 effective 1/1/1941).