Article I. License Administration

§ 14-3. License required.

No person, firm or corporation shall engage in any occupation or business subject to a license fee under this Code without having first taken out a proper license. (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008, historical reference 9)

§ 14-4. License Issuance.

All licenses shall be prepared and issued by the town clerk unless otherwise specifically provided. (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008, historical reference 9)

§ 14-5. License Fees.

No license shall be issued by the Town until the fee required therefore has been paid by the applicant. The Town Council is hereby authorized to enact a resolution establishing a fee schedule for fees pertaining to the administration of this chapter. Any unpaid license fee shall be subject to interest and penalties as periodically established by the Town Council for unpaid sums due to the Town of Easton. (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008, historical reference 9, 519 aka E-34)

§ 14-6 Display of License.

Licenses issued under this chapter shall be available at reasonable times for examination by an authorized agent of the Town of Easton. (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008)

§ 14-7. Transferability.

Except as otherwise provided in this Code or the ordinance or statute under which it is issued, no license issued by the town clerk shall be transferable. (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008, historical reference 519 aka E-34)

§ 14-8. License Period and Renewal.

The license year shall begin on the first day of April of each and every year. All licenses issued under the provisions of this Chapter shall expire on the last day of March, following the date of issue, but if the licensee shall be in default because of any violation of the provision of this Code, the License shall forthwith cease and terminate, and the fee for any unexpired portion of the term thereof shall be forfeited to the Town. Application for renewals shall be made at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date. (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008, historical reference 9)

§ 14-9. Notice of Violations.

Whenever the Town of Easton determines that there has been a violation of this chapter or has grounds to believe that a violation has occurred, notice shall be given, providing written notification of the violation.

The notice shall contain an order for correction and a time period within which the violation is to be corrected. Noncompliance shall result in penalties and or revocation of license. (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008)

§ 14-10. Penalties for Violation.

Any person, who shall violate a provision of this chapter, or fail to comply therewith, or with any of the requirements thereof, shall be guilty of a municipal infraction and shall be subjected to the penalties set forth in Section 1-8 of the Easton Town Code. Each day that a violation continues after due notice has been served shall be deemed a separate offense. (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008, historical reference 9)

§ 14-11. Correction of violation.

The imposition of the penalties herein prescribed shall not preclude the Easton Town Council from instituting appropriate action; to restrain, correct or abate a violation, or to stop an illegal act, conduct, or business, or to prevent illegal occupancy or utilization of a building, structure or premises. (Ordinance 536 effective 10- 14-2008)

§ 14-12. Suspension, Revocation and Appeals.

§ 14-12.1. Violation Basis.

The Town of Easton shall, in writing, suspend or revoke a license issued under the provisions of this chapter; if a license holder, after the passage of the time period ordered by the notice described in the section for Notice of Violations, fails to eliminate the violation. Suspension or revocation of a license shall be in addition to, and not in substitution for, such other penalties as may be provided for said violations elsewhere in the Town Charter and Code or by State law. (Ordinance 680 effective 9-27-2016, historical reference 519 aka E-34 and 536)

§ 14-12.2. Compliant Basis.

Any license or permit issued by the Town may be suspended by the Town upon proper complaint and sufficient evidence to sustain such compliant and after the permittee or license has an opportunity to present evidence. Notice of such suspension shall be promptly communicated to the holder of such license or permit by mailing such notice to the applicant at the address set out in the application for such license or permit. (Ordinance 680 effective 9-27-2016, historical reference 519 aka E-34 and 536)

§ 14-12.3. Appeals.

The board of Appeals shall hear and decide appeals of suspensions or revocations made pursuant to this chapter. Such appeals shall be filled within thirty (30) days of such suspension or revocation by filing a notice of appeal with the Board of Appeals and specifying the grounds for the appeal. For the purposes of this chapter, the Board of Appeals established in the Town of Easton Zoning Ordinance. All provisions governing the Board of Appeals with respect to members, provisions of alternates, quorum, procedures, chairman, term of office, etc. shall be applicable to appeals from this chapter. (Ordinance 680 effective 9-27-2016)

§ 14-13. License Administrative History

Ordinance Number 9, passed by the Town of Easton Council on 12/11/1940, establishing license requirement.

Ordinance Number 519 (E-34), passed by the Town of Easton Council on 4/17/1967, Adopting The Code of the Town of Easton, 1967 (Ordinance 536 effective 10-14-2008)