Article II. Operation of Vehicles

Section 17-5. Publication of traffic resolutions.

The council shall publish resolutions affecting traffic regulations in one or more newspapers published in the town in the same manner as ordinances are published. (Ordinance 3 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 17-6. Emergency traffic regulations.

The chief of police or the police board shall make such temporary additional regulations governing vehicular traffic or parking of vehicles as he or it may deem necessary in case of emergency, which regulations shall be enforced in the same manner as are the rules herein set forth, provided signs or notices setting forth the changed regulations are prominently displayed at each location where such change is effective. (Ordinance 3 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 17-7. Driving while under influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

It shall be unlawful for any person who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs to drive, steer or operate any vehicle within the town. (1967 Code by Ordinance 519 aka E-34 effective 5/7/1967)

Section 17-8. Driving on one-way streets.

On any street or part thereof in the town which has been designated by the council by resolution for travel in one direction only and on which street or part thereof signs have been placed indicating such designated direction, all vehicles shall travel in the direction so indicated. (Ordinance 3 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 17-9. U-turns.

Except at such places as may be allowed by posted signs, "U" turns shall be prohibited. (Ordinance 3 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 17-10. Limitations on trucks entering streets.

It shall be unlawful for any truck to enter any street or block in the town on which such truck traffic has been prohibited by resolution of the town and upon which signs have been posted setting forth such prohibition. (Ordinance 3 effective 1/1/1941)

Section 17-11. Traffic during fires.

(a) All traffic in any block of a street in which a fire is in progress shall cease during said fire. (Ordinance 3 effective 1/1/1941)

(b) On any block of a street on which a fire engine house is located, all vehicular traffic, except that of firefighting equipment, shall be prohibited during the sounding of a fire alarm at such fire engine house. Vehicles carrying active members of the Easton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. are excluded from the application of this subsection. (Ordinance 3 effective 1/1/1941)

(c) It shall be unlawful to operate any vehicle in front of the entrance to the fire engine house while the fire siren is sounding. (Ordinance 36 effective10/16/1951)

(d) The passage of any vehicle over a hose line or any traffic movement interfering with firemen or fire apparatus during a fire is prohibited. (Ordinance 3 effective 1/1/1941)