Article VI. Night-Time Truck Regulations

Section 17-41. Prohibitions in truck movement; permit required.

No motor truck larger than a three-quarter ton truck or one which is generally known as a "pick-up" or "panel" truck shall use the streets of Easton as a means of passage from one place to another between the hours of 8:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. on the following day unless a permit for such movement is obtained prior thereto. (Ordinance 66 effective 9/11/1972)

Section 17-42. Permits.

(A) A permit for truck movement during the hours herein prescribed may be obtained from the Easton Police Department by advising the Department of the location of the truck, the place to which it is desired to move the truck and by providing the Easton Police Department with such other information as the Chief of Police may deem necessary.

(B) Upon application for a permit as herein provided, the Police Department will advise the applicant of the route to be taken. In the event that the same route is to be taken upon regular occasions by the same truck then the Police Department shall issue the permit which shall be good for a period of one year.

(C) A separate permit shall be issued for each truck and shall be carried in the vehicle during the prohibited hours.

(Ordinance 66 effective 9/11/1972, historical reference 207, 339)

Section 17-43. Exemptions to article.

The following streets and vehicles are hereby exempt from this Article.

(A) U.S. Route 50.

(B) The Easton Parkway.

(C) All emergency vehicles which are hereby defined to mean any vehicle owned by a public utility and being used at the time for emergency service or repairs, as well as any firefighting equipment, ambulances, police cars and auto tow trucks; and

(D) Any three-quarter ton truck including but not limited to "pick-up" and "panel" trucks.

(Ordinance 66 effective 9/11/1972)

Section 17-44. Penalty.

The penalty for violation of this Article shall be a fine not exceeding $25 (twenty-five dollars) for each offense. (Ordinance 66 effective 9/11/1972)