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Easton Police Department

The Easton Police Department is the Law Enforcement arm of government for the Town of Easton, Talbot County, Maryland. The Department has been protecting and serving the Easton community since 1906. The Easton Police Department services the incorporated limits of the Town of Easton, which covers approximately 10.67 square miles and has a population of approximately 16,600 people.

The Easton Police Department is lead by the Chief of Police and his appointed Deputy Chief. The Department is comprised of three Divisions, Patrol, Special Operations, and Support Services. Each Division is lead by a Commander (Lieutenant), and contains various Units/Sections within the Divisions.

Chief of Police


Chief Alan Lowrey

Deputy Chief
Wright (2)

Captain Gregory Wright

Patrol Division

Paugh Class A

Lieutenant George Paugh III

Kellner E 1stSgt

1st/Sgt Eric Kellner

  • Patrol
  • Accident Reconstruction Unit
  • Crisis Intervention Team
  • Crisis Response Unit (Tactical Team and Crisis Negotiation Team)
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Unit
  • K-9 Unit
  • Parking Enforcement Unit

Special Operations Division

Hughes (2)

Lieutenant Bradley Hughes

  • Criminal Investigations Unit
  • Narcotics Unit
  • Bike Patrol Unit (Community Policing)
  • Honor Guard Unit
  • Mobile Field Force Unit
  • Polygraph Unit

Support Services Division

Hrobar class A

Lieutenant Mark Hrobar

  • Training Unit
  • Records Section
  • Property and Evidence Section
  • Evidence Collection Unit
  • Fleet Services Section

View the Easton Police Department organizational chart here.