Operations and services will continue to be provided BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 8:30 and NOON. Please contact us using online, phone, and mail options

The Town of Easton understands the importance of supporting our community efforts during this unprecedented time. We are closely monitoring recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control regarding the spread of the virus. Safety is one of our main concerns and our focus is to ensure we continue to meet customer needs while keeping you, our employees, and our communities safe while following the recommendations of our state and local agencies. Below is a breakdown of the steps we are taking:

Tuesday, March 22nd Update

  • Effectove 31 March 2020, Town office hours of operation limited to 8:30 to 12:00 Monday through Friday
  • Effective 23 March 2020, Mayor Willey has issued Executive Order 2020-02Click here to view the Executive Order 2020-02
  • Effective 19 March 2020, Mayor Willey has issued Executive Order 2020-01 Declaring a State of Emergency for the Town of Easton. Click here to view the Executive Order 2020-01
  • The May 5th 2020 Election to fill the Council Presidency will be rescheduled for June 9th 2020.
  • Council meetings will be closed to public access, until further notice.
  • Meetings are televised for live viewing on MCTV Channel 98 local access.
  • Council Meeting recordings are available on-line at TV98. Click here for TV98 Recording
  • Council Meetings will be Streamed Live on MCTV's Facebook and made available on the Facebook pages of the Easton Police Department, Easton Utilities and the Easton Volunteer Fire Department.
  • Public comments can be submitted to the Town, until the close of business on the following Friday. Please click HERE to submit a comment.
  • Operations and services will continue to be provided; including building permit issuance and certain inspections.
  • Please contact us using online, phone and mail options. 410-822-2525 or
  • Telephone payment options are available.
  • All Public Assembly and Sidewalk Café Permits are rescinded and or revoked during the time this Emergency Declaration remains in effect.

We appreciate your patience and thank everyone involved with the emergency response and treatment of COVID-19 for the safety of all.

2020 Census is Here!

The 2020 Census is here and this is the first time that it can be completed online. In fact, that is the preferred method for doing so. Postcards with unique id codes are being mailed the week of March 12th, but access can still be gained without the code by answering a couple of simple questions. The website for completing the Census can be found here

For additional resources or information concerning the Census, please visit Discover Easton's Census page.

A complete and accurate count of the population is important for a number of reasons including allocating the members of the US House of Representatives and distributing funds to communities for a number of programs, such as the Medical Assistance Program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid Part B, Federal Pell Grants, the National School Lunch Program, and Head Start, to name a few.

New Metering Solution for Lot 1

As part of the Easton's revitalization of our municpal parking lots, the Town has repaved, relandscaped and removed parking meters from Lot 1 (at the corner of Glenwood and Harrison). After extensive research and development, the Town of Easton has installed a state-of-the-art intelligent parking solution to replace the aging mechanical meter inventory. Kiosks for parking payment, waypoint, and event information have also been installed. Cash and credit payments can be made at the kiosk. A Smart Parking App is also available for Apple or Android (link to Android app will be here as soon as available).

Download iPhone Application

Smart Parking App

As the Town continues to renovate parking and remove meters, the Smart Parking App will provide information about available parking at municipal lots. Subscribers will also be able to take advantage of reminders for parking sessions in 20 minute and 3 hour parking spaces in town, giving parkers a great way to avoid citations.

For additional information, you may download Easton's Smart Parking Brochure (also available at the Kiosk)

Tax Bills Now Available Online

The Town of Easton Tax Billing information is now available online. By clicking the link below, residents will be able to view and pay their current tax bill via credit card online. Please note, online payments are subject to a 2.5% processing fee.

Town of Easton Tax Billing

You may search for accounts by Account (Customer) number, Name, Street Address, or Parcel.

Town of Easton Immigration Statement

The Town of Easton believes a more diverse community is a stronger, more vibrant community, and is committed to treating all of its residents, including those who identify as immigrants, in a fair and just manner. Through its commitment to social justice and inclusion, one of Easton’s most important objectives is to enhance relationships with all residents, including immigrants, and to make all residents, workers and visitors feel safe and secure regardless of immigration status. Toward that end, the Town of Easton supports organizations like the Chesapeake Multi-Cultural Resource Center, whose mission is to strengthen immigrant families and to use all available resources to more fully integrate our immigrant residents into our community.

Further, the Town of Easton believes that the Easton Police Department should be focused on the safety and security of all of the Town residents regardless of immigration status. It is not the function or mission of the Easton Police Department to enforce federal immigration laws. The Easton Police Department will not check the citizenship status of individuals with whom they interact or are witnesses to crimes. The Easton Police Department has operated in this manner for many years and will continue to do so.

Easton Police Officers will continue to work in good faith with its federal law enforcement partners to apprehend criminals, especially those that commit serious or violent crimes, regardless of their immigration status. The Easton Police Department remains committed to upholding the laws it is empowered to enforce and to uphold the constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Maryland while recognizing it is not an authorized agent of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE).

The Town of Easton will continue to honor all valid and enforceable duties and obligations imposed by a court order or any valid federal or applicable law. But in the absence of such a court order or law, Easton will not use its funds, resources, facilities, property, equipment, or personnel to assist in the enforcement of federal civil immigration law or to gather information regarding the citizenship or immigration status of any person. Easton recognizes that it is a part of a country born of immigrants and will continue to support efforts that assist our immigrant population in becoming fully-vested citizens of our community.

Upcoming Meetings

Whenver possible, meetins will be streamed live at MCTV's Facebook page

Minutes from ALL meetings can be found here

Agendas for upcoming meetings

Please note that the Agenda's available here may reflect past meetings. The agenda from the most recent meeting remains posted until the next agenda becomes available.

Town Council Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month in the Council Chambers at 14 South Harrison St

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

Minutes from past meetings can be found .

Video from prior Council Meetings can be viewed here.

Building Inspection/Code Enforcement Survey

The Town of Easton Building Inspection Division & Code Enforcement Office is conducting a survey to gather information about our customer service. To help us with our efforts, please visit this link.