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  • Cover
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • General Conditions
  • 1.1 Design Parameters for Streets
  • 1.2 Soils Investigation and Pavement Design
  • 1.3 Design Parameters for Water Distribution Systems
  • 1.4 Design Parameters for Sanitary Sewer
  • 2.1 Excavation and Backfill for Pipelines and Structures
  • 2.2 Storm Drains and Appurtenances
  • 2.3 Surface Restoration
  • 2.4 Cast-in Place Concrete
  • 2.5 Soil Cement Base Course
  • 2.6 Water Mains and Appurtenances
  • 2.7 Sewer Pipe, Force Mains and Appurtenances
  • Table of Contents
  • PW-1.00 Residential Access Street
  • PW-1.01 Residential Sub-Collector Street
  • PW-1.02 Residential Collector Street
  • PW-1.03 Residential Alley
  • PW-1.04 Commercial Local Street
  • PW-1.05 Commercial Collector Street
  • PW-1.06 Temporary Trench Restoration Detail
  • PW-1.07 Pavement Restoration Detail #1
  • PW-1.08 Pavement Restoration Detail #2
  • PW-1.09 Surface Restoration & Paving Notes
  • PW-1.10 Vertical Curve
  • PW-1.11 Restoration Notes
  • PW-1.12 Paving Notes
  • PW-1.13 Concrete Quick Reference List
  • PW-1.20 Curb Return Radii
  • PW-2.00 Standard Curb and Gutter
  • PW-2.01 Standard Depressed Curb and Gutter
  • PW-2.02 Valley Gutter and Intersection Detail
  • PW-2.03 Mountable Curb
  • PW-2.04 Median Curb and Gutter
  • PW-3.00 Sidewalk
  • PW-3.01 Brick Sidewalk
  • PW-4.00 Type A Sidewalk Ramp
  • PW-4.01 Type B Sidewalk Ramp
  • PW-4.02 Sidewalk Ramps Type C Parallel for Retrofit
  • PW-4.03 Type D Sidewalk Ramp for Retrofit
  • PW-4.04 Sidewalk Passing Zones
  • PW-4.05 Detectable Warning Surfaces
  • PW-4.06 Median Ramp
  • PW-4.07 Type F Sidewalk Ramp
  • PW-4.08 Type E Sidewalk Ramp
  • PW-4.09 Crosswalk Detail
  • PW-4.10 Type G Sidewalk Ramp
  • PW-4.11 Type H Sidewalk Ramp
  • PW-5.00 Standard Depressed Curb Driveway Entrance
  • PW-5.01 Mountable Curb Residential Driveway Entrance
  • PW-5.10 Single Family Residential Driveway
  • PW-6.00 Concrete Dumpster Pad
  • PW-7.00 Sign
  • PW-7.01 Pavement Marking Fire Lane
  • PW-7.02 Signage for Handicap Parking Spaces
  • PW-7.03 Sign Details
  • PW-7.04 Longitudinal Pavement Markings
  • PW-7.05 Traverse Pavement Markings
  • PW-8.00 Tree Planting
  • PW-8.01 Tree Planting Alternative
  • PW-9.00 Utility Mains Street-R.O.W. Locations
  • SD-1.01 Curb Inlet
  • SD-2.00 Inlet Top
  • SD-2.01 Reinforced Nosing
  • SD-3.00 Inlet Frame & Cover
  • SD-3.01 Non-Traffic Bearing Yard Inlet
  • SD-3.03 Std Single or Double Opening Inlet Open-end Grate No
  • SD-3.04 Traffic Bearing Yard Inlet
  • SD-4.00 Precast Concrete Manhole
  • SD-5.00 Manhole Frame & Cover
  • SD-6.00 Flexible Storm Drain Pipe Trench
  • SD-7.00A Stormwater Management Outlet Weir
  • SD-7.00B Stormwater Management Outlet Weir
  • Appendix A Design Manual Quick Reference
  • Appendix B Cost Estimate for Bonding Submittals


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