Automated Speed Enforcement
Camera Program

In an effort to increase driver compliance with the posted School Zone speed limits throughout Easton, the Town is launching an Automated Speed Enforcement Camera Program. Similar programs are being utilized in other jurisdictions throughout the State of Maryland and are viewed as an effective means of positively changing driver behavior and improving safety for both pedestrians and motorists. The Transportation Article of the Maryland Annotated Code authorizes municipalities to establish school zones and utilize speed monitoring systems to enforce posted limits. Maryland law further requires that revenue derived from such programs be utilized for public safety programs and improving pedestrian safety.

According to 1st Sergeant Rhonda Thomas, “Our main objective is to protect the children and residents of Easton from drivers who are choosing to disobey the posted speed limit and break the law”.

The speed enforcement equipment uses a radar camera programmed to capture a series of photographs of vehicles exceeding the posted limit by 12 mph or more during the hours of 6am-8pm. These digital images will be used to identify the vehicle’s registered owner and will appear on the citation which carries a $40 fine. The vehicle’s recorded speed and the time of the violation will also be noted on the violation, which is being treated as a civil rather than criminal penalty. As a result, no license “points” will be assigned and insurance providers are not notified of the citation.

To allow drivers who live, work or travel through the area time to become more familiar with the program, Warning notices will be issued to violators for the first 30 days beginning August 15, 2012. Once the grace period concludes, violators will receive a $40 citation which may be contested in Maryland District Court. Detailed instructions on how to pay the citation or request a Court date are included on the violation notice.

Town of Easton Ordinance 596 Establishing School Zones and authorizing the use of Speed Monitoring Systems can be viewed here.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) concerning the Automated Speed Enforcement Program of the Town of Easton can be found here.


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Questions or concerns about the speed camera program and requests to review citations for technical errors should be submitted in writing to Lt. Mark Hrobar prior to the deadline for contesting liability. Send your letter addressed to “Local Designee” to the

Easton Police Department,
106 West Dover Street,
Easton, MD. 21601.