Classification of Work for Existing Buildings

  • Repairs = The restoration to good or sound condition of any part of an existing building for the purpose of its maintenance.
  • Level 1 Alterations include the removal and replacement or the covering of existing materials, elements, equipment, or fixtures using new materials, elements, equipment, or fixtures that serve the same purpose.
  • Level 2 Alterations include the reconfiguration of space, the addition or elimination of any door or window, the reconfiguration or extension of any system, or the installation of any additional equipment.
  • Level 3 Alterations apply where the work area exceeds 50 percent of the aggregate area of the building.
  • Change of Occupancy = When a change in the purpose or level of activity within a building that involves a change in application of the requirements.
  • Additions = An extension or increase in floor area, number of stories, or height of a building or dwelling.
  • Historic Buildings = Any building or structure that is listed in the State or National Register of Historic Places; designated as a historic property under local or state designation law or survey; certified as a contributing resource within a National Register listed or locally designated historic district; or with an opinion or certification that the property is eligible to be listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places either individually or as a contributing building to a historic district by the State Historic Preservation Officer or the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Relocated Buildings = When a building or dwelling is relocated or moved.

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Applications received by the Town of Easton process thru tracks, generally they consist of:

  • Track A – Planning and Zoning and Engineering
  • Track B – Building Inspections and Easton Utilities
  • Track C – Permit Processing