How do I know these violations are valid?

Images of your vehicle were captured and recorded by an Automated Speed Photo Enforcement System which uses a Doppler radar to track all vehicles as they pass through the detection zone. The speed of each vehicle is calculated using the “Doppler Shift” and confirmed using a time over distance calculation to verify accuracy. The unit is calibrated and tested daily, and undergoes an Annual Calibration Verification by an independent test laboratory.

If the vehicle is found to be exceeding the posted speed limit, a series of images are taken. These images passed a two part review process by qualified technicians before being submitted to the Easton Police Department for final review and approval. The alleged Speed Monitoring System Citation is then mailed to the registered owner or identified driver. Confirmation of the owner’s name, address and vehicle registration information was provided to the Police Department by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

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1. What is Automated Speed Enforcement?
2. Why is Easton choosing to utilize this type of technology?
3. How will I know if I’m in a speed camera zone?
4. What do I do if I receive a citation?
5. What are my options?
6. Will the operator be present in court?
7. What if my vehicle and/or license plates were stolen at the time of the violation?
8. What if I was not the operator of the car at the time the violation took place; am I still liable?
9. What happens if the Transfer of Liability request is denied?
10. What happens if I ignore the violation notice?
11. If I pay the fine, can I then contest it or ask for a hearing?
12. If I pay the fine, will my insurance rates increase?
13. How do I know these violations are valid?
14. Isn’t it a violation of my privacy to have a camera photograph my vehicle without my permission?
15. When is the Town using Speed Enforcement Cameras?
16. Where is the Town using Speed Enforcement Cameras?