TABLE 2.1.A Residential Uses

A. RESIDENTIAL USES             
1. Bed and Breakfast *SESESESESESE------ 
2. Boarding House----SESE------ 
3. Domiciliary Care-SESESE-------SE 
4. Dwelling for Resident Watchman or Caretaker employed on premises-------AAAAA 
5. Family Day Care *PPPP-------- 
5. Granny Flats *-SESE-SE------- 
6. Group Home for Developmentally Disabled PersonsPPPP-------SE 
7. Home-based BusinessPPPPPP------ 
8. Home Occupations *SESESESESESE------Also permitted w/in church facilities and may be permitted as a Temporary Use in any district.
9. Homeless Shelter *----SESE-SESESE-SE 
10. Kennel *AAAA-------- 
11. Large Private Group Home for Person Suffering From a Mental DisabilitySESESESE-------SE 
12. Manufactured Housing or Parks *---SE-------- 
13. Mobile Home---SE-------- 
14. Multifamily Dwellings (Apts/Condos/Townhouses)*-SESESESE------- 
15. Short-term housingSESESE-SEPP------ 
16. Single Family DetachedPPPPP------- 
17. Small Private Group Home for Persons Suffering From a Mental DisabilitySESESESE-------SE 
18. Specialized Group Hom----SESESESESESE-SE 
19. Two family or Duplex *-PPPSE-------